Why does ED occur in men of different ages?

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Why does ED occur in men of different ages?Impotence  is a very frequent disorder occuring for a variety of factors and at different ages.

ED in young men

In young males, anxiety is one of the main factors causing ED. When a young man is nervous about having sex he may experience problems with potency.

Middle – aged males

Fatigue, stress, depression are most common for males of this group. Stress may also cause diabetes which has a negative impact on all the organs of human body including reproductive system and potency.

Older males

Increasing age means more problems with health.  Many health conditions cause ED problems in men. Still only aging should not be called a main factor for developing ED. 70- 75year-olds can be sexually potent.

Older men with ED should remember about strokes and heart attacks which can be provoked by sexual activity. For older males it is necessary to keep their blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol under control.11

Cialis treatment

Cialis medication contains Tadalafil, which is a potent PDE inhibitor, producing the blockage of the enzyme called PDE type 5. The medications are intended for use by men with ED symptoms only and should not be used with other purposes.

Cialis treatment is prescribed when a man has unsatisfactory quality of erections which persists and can be explained by erectile dysfunction or impotence.6 Doctors also prescribe this medicine for the treatment of BPH (enlarged prostate condition) with the symptoms of urinary tract infection, including problems with urination, pain during urination and frequent urination. This condition can often be observed in older men.

When your doctor prescribes you Cialis for ED or BPH, it is necessary to understand that this medicine like any other medicines must be used accordingly with the directions and recommendations. The use of Cialis is simple and comfortable for men – the dose should be used orally with water. 7Food intake does not have any effect on the absorption of Tadalafil and can be used with the medicine.

There are certain general recommendations of use and measures indicated to prevent any risks and side effects possible with Tadalafil. Though Tadalafil is a very safe medicine and was approved by the FDA, its improper usage can result in negative effects to one’s health.

By following the recommendations you eliminate the risks of side effects occurrence and contribute to the better results produced by this medicine.

5As a rule, Cialis should be used as needed, just 25-40 minutes before the sexual act. The time of use depends on the form of the medicine. If you use tablet form, it will take more time for the medicine to be absorbed in your stomach and start its work.

There are other forms such as soft pills or quickly disintegrating tablets which work faster in the body.

The dosage prescribed for most patients is Cialis 10 mg. Some patients should receive more of this pill and get 20 mg of Cialis. Certain factors help to establish the right dosage. This may include general health of a patient, his blood pressure level, other disorders which he has and medicines which he uses.

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