What to do if you have potency problems

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manErectile dysfunction is a very serious condition that should be treated properly and in time. Sometimes ED is a sign of other more serious underlying disease. ED may be caused by such disorders as diabetes or atherosclerosis. ED is sometimes a hint that a person may have future problems with heart such as heart failure or heart attack.

If you have trouble in getting and maintaining an erection, seek help. A treatment is necessary! If treated in time ED may be cured and cause your physical and mental health no harm.

Besides, your partner should know about your problem. Don’t suffer in silence, talk to your partner, and discuss your concerns openly and frankly. Many men are reluctant to share their problems with others and this results in misunderstanding and difficulties.
You may go to your doctor with your partner or alone, still you should make this important move to help yourself.strong man

If you don’t want your doctor to know about such delicate things as potency problems, contact another medical professional. Remember that any medical professional will keep your condition in secret.
Very often males suffering from ED are unwilling to visit a doctor and try to buy prescription drugs in the Internet. We think that it is very risky to do so. Only your doctor can evaluate your general health and recommend you the most suitable medication. Once you have visited a doctor you can buy or order medications per Internet. It is very convenient and takes little time, but be sure to consult your doctor to prevent unpleasant or even threatening side effects of the drug you wish to use.

10The condition ED affects the penis and makes it impossible for a man to get the penis erected to a straight position. Impotence is faced by millions of men in the whole world. The sooner the treatment is started, the better the outcome of the treatment can be.

More men are looking for help and get it. They come back to their regular sexual life supported by outstanding successful ED treatments. The treatments available today are oral tablets, medical devices, surgery to the penis, lifestyle changes, and psychotherapies.

Talk to your doc

First of all, it is necessary to talk to your doctor. Seeking medical opinion about the reason of your impotence and proper treatment is the essential thing to do for every man who has impotence symptoms.doc

Reduce your stress

Emotional disturbances, stresses, depression, other mental causes can severely affect a man’s ability to have sex and get erections. Some men can overcome their problems themselves, others need psychotherapist’s advice. However, all men who suffer from the impotence form induced by emotional problems need to reduce stresses and have more rest.

ED treatments which you can ask about at your doctor’s can include:

drugsMedical treatment is the most suitable and convenient way of managing ED symptoms. It is chosen as the first line therapy by most doctors. Still, it may not be suitable for some individuals due to their allergic reactions to drugs, poor response to the active substances or health disorders which may contradict with medical treatment. Medications used for impotence treatment are divided into those taken orally and those injected into the penis.

Methods, using different mechanic devices such as pumps to generate erection of the penis, are effective, but not very comfortable for use.injection

Surgical or radical method of treatment involves having the penile implant inserted in the penile organ. This method of treatment is chosen for certain categories of men.

Other things included into treatment program

The treatment of ED should not limited only by medications intake or using a pump. It should be a complex program producing other health benefits such as managing your blood pressure or blood sugar level as well as cholesterol. And healthier lifestyle can be achieved only when a person changes certain things such as stops smoking or excessive drinking of alcohol, gets more physical activity and reduces high fat foods in his diet.

Keeping your erectile health under control and taking the correct treatment will surely give you best treatment results and you can see the difference between your previous and new healthier life full of sex and other pleasures.

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