What is an erection?

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The ability to get and sustain erections means that a man has:
1. A healthy nervous system that produces nerve impulses in the brain and penis.
2. Healthy arteries, allowing necessary blood flow into the penis.
3. Healthy smooth muscles and fibrous tissues within penile area.
4. The release of the substance called nitric oxide in the penis.
It anything from these things does not work properly, a man cannot get an erection.
What is an erection?An erection involves extra blood pumped into the penis – this is necessary to get the penis hard. When the extra blood stays in the penis, a man can maintain the erection necessary for sexual intercourse. An erection happens if a man is sexually aroused by stimulation physical or mental.
When a man is sexually ready, special signals go down the nerves that lead from his spinal cord to his genitals. They make the blood vessels which supply the penis open up. Blood flows in and the penis gets hard. A special controlling structure near the base of the penis allows the blood to flow in the penis and keep it there and a male is ready to have sex.
Various factors can negate the complicated process of getting an erection such as: worry, fatigue, too much alcohol or narrowing of the blood vessels, other serious diseases.4

Erectile dysfunction in brief description

The condition known as erectile dysfunction or impotence is defined as an inability to perform sexually due to deficient penile erection or complete absence of erection. Indubitably impotence is more common in mature men, usually in those who are older than 55-60 years of age.

However, new statistical data show that impotence becomes a problem in younger males due to imbalance in life and health of a person. About 70 percent of all impotence reasons are due to diabetes and atherosclerosis. Other 30 percent include other causes among those other medical disorders, intake of certain drugs, alcohol, smoking, overweight, injury and mental diseases.

2When a man experiences the symptoms of ED, he is certainly going through the worst times in his life. It strikes suddenly and severely and causes not only flabby erections, but stress, depression, fear of having sex and other problems. Men with ED may develop low self-esteem and try to avoid sex because of their serious problems.

Facing ED is certain the reason to visit a doctor. Professional assessment of general and sexual health of an individual can help a doctor to diagnose the cause of ED, its outcomes and prescribe the correct treatment.

A man should understand that ED is a lifelong problem and the treatments available now can only facilitate the symptoms of impotence for a certain period of time. They cannot cure the problem completely.

The measures to prevent and manage impotence in men include not only the treatment with medications or special medical devices but also a healthier lifestyle. This means that a person should seriously reconsider their lifestyle and improve their eating habits, exclude risky factors like smoking, alcohol, drugs, stresses and other negative things.smoking

Few reasons of impotence in men

Among those mentioned above there are also a few reasons behind erectile dysfunction. They put men at risk for having this condition and should be reported to a doctor and taken into consideration when the treatment is chosen.


This is a lifelong disease which is characterized by high blood sugar levels. Diabetes has become a very common disease among men and it is a great risk factor for experiencing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Proper treatment of diabetes and having regular physical activity along with healthy diet can help to low the risk for ED.


High blood pressure can be caused by different disorders and lead to alteration of the bloodstream in the vessels. This affects, first of all, the small blood vessels such as are found within the penis.

Prostate enlargement and prostate cancer

Prostate problems can lead to the development of erectile dysfunction. In men who need surgery for prostate cancer the risk of further ED development is very high. During the surgery the nerves and arteries within the genital area can be injured and a man cannot get an erection.

Other factors

Other factors include emotional issues (stress, depression), premature ejaculation, long abstinence from sex, injuries to the penile region, injuries to the spinal cord or damage to the brain can all lead to impotence.

Impotence could result from any of the health issue or poor quality of life, but the proper treatment received in time can help avoid serious cases of ED and can help improve the existing situation with erections.

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