ED treatments of tomorrow

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Today the methods of treatment of ED condition in men are numerous. The most effective modern treatment is medicines known as PDE type 5 inhibitors.
Other methods include injections to the penis, cylinders, penile implants vacuum pumps.
The innovations of the tomorrow can help millions of men to get rid of the problem with erections once and for all. What novelties can appear in the near future?
gene therapyGene therapy – is one of the recent innovations based on the theory that special genes can be applied in men with ED. These genes are considered to produce proteins needed for penile muscle tissues functioning. The substitution of the proteins is supposed to give the significant enhancement in erectile function. The animal studies are in the process now. Results already obtained demonstrate the significant improvements in animal erections produced by the gene therapy. This treatment method for ED may be applied in the soon future if approved to be safe.
Medications activating melanocortin used by mouth or nasal inhalation – are considered to be effective in stimulating the work of the brain to produce erections. More studies are planned to confirm the effects of such medications.
Topiglan cream – the medication which possesses the characteristics of alprostadil medication injected directly into the penis. This cream is applied topically and is considered to be safer than injections. Clinical trials of this product are on the way. If approved, the cream can rival with oral ED medications, especially in men who cannot use PDE 5 inhibitors due to some reasons.
The poison of Brazilian spider – the research of the spider toxins is on the go. The PnTx2-6 toxin produced by the insect has shown the potential to improve the release of the nitric oxide, which is necessary for normal erectile process. The toxin is thoroughly studied and can be used as a future treatment for ED.

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