ED physical afflictions

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With age men get more physical disorders and have to take more drugs which can also lead to erectile problems. Common physical factors of erectile dysfunction in older men include:
• impairment of the blood vessels, a common part of ageing process;
• hypertension;
• diabetes;
• obesity, overweight;
• nerve damage;
• damage to the genital area;
• alcoholism;
• smoking;
• side-effects of certain drugs prescribed for other conditions (depression, hypertension);
• usage of illegal drugs.
Other physical causes of ED in men of different ages may include:
• diseases of the nervous system;
• injury to the spinal cord or brain;
• surgery in the abdomen;
• prostate surgery;
• hormone imbalance and hormone diseases.
To prevent the development of erectile condition a person can make simple improvements in life, and of course, the proper treatment of the underlying condition will also help to improve sexual life.

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