ED – a marker for other conditions

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Different studies indicate that more and more men experience a problem with erections. Unfortunately, many of these men suffer from severe form of impotence which means a complete inability to attain erections.
The problem is greatly underreported as men do not want to open it to others. Men do not seek help and try to solve the problem without professional assistance. Sadly the hesitation often leads to the development of ED and other health conditions which impotence indicates.
Doctors claim that ED can be used as a marker for other conditions which seem to be unrelated to impotence still they have direct associations with erectile function.
The noticed link between ED and certain vascular conditions such as hypertension and coronary artery heart disease has raised the possibility that erectile problems may be used as a substantial indicator for the detection of these vascular disorders.
Among men with ED an increased occurrence of depressive disorders has been detected. The experts say that many types of major depressive disorders in men develop because of ED. So, doctors often recommend examining men with ED problem on the presence of depression.
ED problem is often an early sign of diabetes or atherosclerosis. These serious conditions should be taken into consideration when a person comes with ED problem to a doctor.
Finally, many diseases that lead to ED are very serious; some of them if left untreated may result in death. That is why, it is urgent to seek medical help if you have erectile disorder.

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