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ImpotenceI’m 53 years old man and I have good health. Some time I notice that my erections were not so firm as before, I can lose it just during foreplay. After three failures one after another I went to a doctor.

I was advised to take a half of a 20mg Cialis. Now I am ready to start in about 30 mins after taking the medicine. cialisThe erections are very firm and I now got my confidence back knowing that Cialis will not betray me.

One pill is enough for about 2 days, after taking it I wake up feeling an erection next morning just like when I was young. Now I use it for 9 months already and I don’t’ have any side effects. It is a great good medication! The pills are expensive but if you use only a half of it the erection will lasts all weekend for example and it is worth the paid price.

My story recalls other stories of men who have erectile problems. With age I began to notice that my erections were not as strong as they used to be when I was younger. And when I was in the age of 56 the real problem happened. First time of my failure was when I lost erection, and then I went on losing erections until one day I was not able to get an erection. man

So, I decided to stop it once and for all and went to my doctor. Yes, it took some time for the tests and other things which my doctor wanted to know about my health and my lifestyle. Finally, he said that I had erectile dysfunction and prescribed Cialis. Since that time I have used this medicine and very happy with my sexual life. Cialis has returned me back to my young days. James, 61

I’m using Cialis 10 mg for the treatment of impotence and very satisfied with the result. My erections are firm and toned. My whole body is full of stamina with Cialis. I’m able to perform up to 2 days and nights and have morning erections. Grayson, 52

make your choMy experience with oral medicines for ED treatment began with Viagra as it is a very common drug. But when I took Viagra 50 mg I had vision effects like blurred seeing, so my doctor suggested to switch to Cialis 10 mg. I took it first time and it lasted for two days. No side effects, no vision changes and that is very important for me. This a great product which gives me power for sex. Tyler, 46

I love Cialis medicine and use it once a week, usually on the weekend when I have more free time. I tried different drugs and even a pump which was very uncomfortable and finally opted for Cialis. It never let me down, I have rock erections and feel very well. Nolan, 603

Cialis was a wonder for me. I had a surgery for prostate and I was told that my erections would never be as hard as they used to be. And it was like a nightmare for me. Erectile dysfunction at the age of 36. Impossible? But it occurred and I did not know what to do next. My doctor recommended using oral ED pills. I ordered a pack on one site and tried three different pills from this trial pack. Cialis was one of these pills and it worked the best way in me. I was not sure about side effects and was a little bit frightened. But Cialis does not cause any. Now I’m sure about my erections and my health. Steven, 37

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