ED – a marker for other conditions

ерекDifferent studies indicate that more and more men experience a problem with erections. Unfortunately, many of these men suffer from severe form of impotence which means a complete inability to attain erections.
нетThe problem is greatly underreported as men do not want to open it to others. Men do not seek help and try to solve the problem without professional assistance. Sadly the hesitation often leads to the development of ED and other health conditions which impotence indicates.
Doctors claim that ED can be used as a marker for other conditions which seem to be unrelated to impotence still they have direct associations with erectile function.
The noticed link between ED and certain vascular conditions such as hypertension and coronary artery heart disease has raised the possibility that erectile problems may be used as a substantial indicator for the detection of these vascular disorders. живот
Among men with ED an increased occurrence of depressive disorders has been detected. The experts say that many types of major depressive disorders in men develop because of ED. So, doctors often recommend examining men with ED problem on the presence of depression.
ED problem is often an early sign of diabetes or atherosclerosis. These serious conditions should be taken into consideration when a person comes with ED problem to a doctor.
Finally, many diseases that lead to ED are very serious; some of them if left untreated may result in death. That is why, it is urgent to seek medical help if you have erectile disorder.

Most effective cure for ED

The threat to suffer from ED for life-long period makes men consider different treatment options for this condition. A person can get all the info about any medicine online or at a doctor’s. Oral ED medicines like Cialis are preparations targeted to comply with all men’s needs – they help to get and keep erections for the necessary period of time.
Cialis assists a man in attaining rigidity of the penis for sexual intercourse. The main ingredient in the drug can stay in the body for more than 36 hours and facilitates the process of love-making.
Medicinal experts consider that it is essential to start the treatment of ED as soon as possible. Finding out the reason of this condition and adjusting the right treatment aids in easy recovering from impotence symptoms and its consequences (stress, fears, and depression).
Cialis is a result oriented performance medicine. This drug is preferred by those men who want to be sure in having rigid erections during longer period of time. Whatever the reason of ED case is, Cialis will naturally help a man to restore his sexual life.

Comments about drugs

ImpotenceI’m 53 years old man and I have good health. Some time I notice that my erections were not so firm as before, I can lose it just during foreplay. After three failures one after another I went to a doctor. I was advised to take a half of a 20mg Cialis. Now I am ready to start in about 30 mins after taking the medicine. The erections are very firm and I now got my confidence back knowing that Cialis will not betray me. One pill is enough for about 2 days, after taking it I wake up feeling an erection next morning just like when I was young. Now I use it for 9 months already and I don’t’ have any side effects. It is a great good medication! The pills are expensive but if you use only a half of it the erection will lasts all weekend for example and it is worth the paid price.

Do you use vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction management?

Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition which can be used as a marker for other health disorders including cardiovascular disease. This condition should be adequately treated through medical and other methods. Among these methods there is a proper vitamin consumption needed for normal functioning of the reproductive system of a man.vitamins
Vitamins are essential for the whole body functioning and are the elements of correct nutrition. The use of vitamin supplements does not demand any special doctor’s advice or administration. If used right the vitamins do no usually cause side effects.
The erectile dysfunction can be corrected with the vitamin adjunctive therapy which aims at the improvement of blood flow.
A balanced diet helps to obtain the required daily dose of vitamins. So men with ED should consult their doctors about the proper use of certain vitamins.
All the vitamins in certain amounts are needed for health. Still some of the vitamins are beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction: vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B complex. Beside, these vitamins the mineral zinc should present in regular diet of a man.

Problem with my sexual life

imagesCA8IH9VNI am a man with ED and also I have several problems with my health:  high pressure and diabetes 2. I am forty, but my sexual life is so bad.  I don’t know what to do, in the Enternet I found many reviews about drugs for treatment ED, but I decided to buy Cialis. Because  all reviews, which I read were positive about this drug. I don’t want to go to the doctor, I want to buy Cialis oline, without prescription. In the next my review I will write, how this drug works.

ED treatments of tomorrow

Today the methods of treatment of ED condition in men are numerous. The most effective modern treatment is medicines known as PDE type 5 inhibitors.
Other methods include injections to the penis, cylinders, penile implants vacuum pumps.
The innovations of the tomorrow can help millions of men to get rid of the problem with erections once and for all. What novelties can appear in the near future?
gene therapyGene therapy – is one of the recent innovations based on the theory that special genes can be applied in men with ED. These genes are considered to produce proteins needed for penile muscle tissues functioning. The substitution of the proteins is supposed to give the significant enhancement in erectile function. The animal studies are in the process now. Results already obtained demonstrate the significant improvements in animal erections produced by the gene therapy. This treatment method for ED may be applied in the soon future if approved to be safe.
Medications activating melanocortin used by mouth or nasal inhalation – are considered to be effective in stimulating the work of the brain to produce erections. More studies are planned to confirm the effects of such medications.
Topiglan cream – the medication which possesses the characteristics of alprostadil medication injected directly into the penis. This cream is applied topically and is considered to be safer than injections. Clinical trials of this product are on the way. If approved, the cream can rival with oral ED medications, especially in men who cannot use PDE 5 inhibitors due to some reasons.
The poison of Brazilian spider – the research of the spider toxins is on the go. The PnTx2-6 toxin produced by the insect has shown the potential to improve the release of the nitric oxide, which is necessary for normal erectile process. The toxin is thoroughly studied and can be used as a future treatment for ED.

Users about Cialis

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Why do women foster their men to use Cialis?

cialisWomen whose men experience erectile difficulties find it right that their men use oral boosters to improve erectile dysfunction. It is a fact that ladies are more responsible for their health in comparison with gents. The hiding of the problem makes it more severe and harder to solve. So when a man comes with a prescription treatment for their condition a woman usually encourages his attempt to enhance sexual and erectile function.
The love making process means a lot for women as well as for men. Choosing Cialis as a means for treating erectile failures ensures the good performance and multiple climaxes for both partners.
Women prefer that their men take Cialis as it guarantees perfect effects for the following 36 hours.
Men also find it easy to undergo the treatment for ED if their ladies support them in their intention.
Cialis allows both sexual partners have more fun and pleasures in healthy sexual intercourse.

Smoking kills your ability to get erections

Smoking is proven to be one of the most hazardous practices in people. It is an addict forming habit with lots of underlying health dangers.
People who smoke and wish to stop often cannot do it of find it extremely difficult. Some people need special medical help to quit smoking.
Various health issues such as cancers, heart diseases, strokes, high blood pressure and others are associated with smoking. Many smokers do not understand the hazards of smoking until they actually face the problem.
Smoking leads to many health conditions including erectile dysfunction or inability to get and sustain erections.
Heavy smokers often suffer from inability to have erections at all. About 15 % of smokers have some kind of erectile dysfunction. According to different researches smokers who use more than 20 cigarettes per day have 60% higher risk of erectile dysfunction than men who do not smoke.
Smoking contributes to erectile failures as it causes blood plaques (atherosclerosis problem) in the blood vessels of the body. The arteries within the penis are also affected. The blood flow becomes inadequate and this causes ED.
Smoking kills your erectile ability and affects sexual drive as well as sperm characteristics.
Quitting smoking will give you more chances to avoid erectile dysfunction and other health issues produced by smoking. Think about your health in general and your sexual health in particular. Stop smoking now!

Prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction

Men who undergo any treatment for a common cancer in men- the prostate cancer are at a higher risk of developing ED.
Cancer is always a life-threatening condition that should be treated as soon as possible. Diagnosing any type of cancer and the right treatment give more chance to live through.
Rectal exam and specific blood test PSA – prostate-specific antigen test help to specify the cancers of the prostate gland.
The treatments for this condition are different and have certain side effects including erectile dysfunction (ED).
The age of the patient, the severity of the prostate cancer, PSA levels, and a history of erectile dysfunction are the factors which may have an influence on the ability of a man to have erections after the treatment.
The prostate cancer treatments may produce erectile dysfunction. Still they help to save a life of a man. ED is a serious consequence of the treatments for the cancer of prostate, still it is well- treated.
Oral ED medications are the first-line choice for men who have undergone prostate cancer treatment and experience erectile failures.